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From Legal Deal to Live Systems in 50 Days: A Fast-Track Bank Merger Powered by IT Expertise

Can a bank acquisition be successfully completed from “legal day one” to live conversion of systems
in 50 days? Yes, it can.

Picture this: a prominent financial institution, eyeing expansion into new markets and eager to
venture into property management, sets its sights on acquiring a bank nestled in the heart of a
bustling urban center. With just six months to prepare before the conversion phase, the
pressure was on to ensure a seamless transition.

Fortunately, our principal program manager had extensive experience with the account
processing vendor, and a comprehensive strategy to tackle every integration point was quickly
developed. From consolidating systems to migrating data, no detail was overlooked as we
meticulously navigated the complexities of the merger process.

The result? A remarkable feat achieved in just 50 days post-legal merger—the successful
conversion of systems, a process that typically takes place 90 to 180 days after regulatory
approval. This accelerated timeline is a testament to our unwavering commitment to efficiency
without compromising quality.

Our involvement proved pivotal in steering the merger towards success. By leveraging our
expertise in IT program management, we were able to minimize risks and optimize focus on
targeted goals, ensuring a smooth transition.

There are 3 other key components that made this engagement a huge success: 1. the acquiring
bank team’s expertise, 2. strong project managers in the core and Internet banking roles, and 3.
executive alignment (goals, scope, risks). Without those 3, the best-case scenario plan and
schedule would have been lost.

Ultimately, our client emerged stronger and better positioned to capitalize on new market
opportunities, including property management. This success story serves as a great example of
the transformative power of strategic IT program management in navigating complex mergers
and acquisitions.

As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of banking mergers, let us draw
inspiration from this case study as we strive for excellence in all our endeavors.